Saturday, January 26, 2008

Classic Classical LP (and CD) Art

To make a short story long, my old Postcrypt compadre Heather made a comment on yesterday's post, and so I went to her web site, which I had never seen before but is full of cool photographs from around New York (and elsewhere) and has a list of books that Heather has read recently. On her web site, she list's Alex Ross's blog as one that she likes to visit. (Alex Ross being the music critic for The New Yorker.) So I wandered over (cyberly-speaking) to Alex Ross's blog and found an entry about the album art above. And then also a link to Dial "M" for Musicology's posting on the subject (from whence comes the classic cover below, one that was much discussed at WKCR back in the day--I wonder if the WKCR copy is still there...).

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