Saturday, February 9, 2008

John Gorka for President

Ellen and I have been talking about the possibilities of a write-in campaign to elect John Gorka president.

I wanted to offer up several possible campaign slogans, all taken from John Gorka lyrics, of course, and starting with the most obvious:
  • "I'm from New Jersey. Gorka '08"

  • "Freedom for Freedom - Call That an Even Scheme. Vote Gorka!"

  • "Fill Your Clothes with Keys and Damned Responsibilities. Gorka!"

  • "Why is There a Fence for Every Open Range? Vote Gorka in 2008"

  • "I am Good at Dreams -- I am Good at Dreams! Gorka for President"

  • "It's a Good Noise That's Preferred. Sing with Gorka for President"

  • "Just Trying to Get Close Enough to See the Face of Love. Gorka in 2008"

  • "I Can't Make Up My Mind. Gorka for President 2008"

  • "People My Age Have Started Looking Gross. Vote Gorka in '08."

Get your write-in ballots ready!


bertg said...

My old view was right all along, Gorka for President

Jess said...

Great idea, and I'm sure there are plenty more that would work for that...

A Red Mind in a Blue State said...

Sign me up!

"Havin' a Hank Senior Moment?" Vote Gorka!

Developers paid better than the corn
But this was not the place where they were born--Vote Gorka

Work brings more luck than knocking on wood--Vote Gorka!