Sunday, July 6, 2008

Roses Revisited

For those of you haven't read Jess' April posting about Rose Cousins or for those of you who have failed to heed her advice and check out this Canadian's heartbreakingly beautiful songs, I must insist that you take notice.

Although I had met Rose Cousins and heard her play some great showcases at the 2007 and 2008 Folk Alliance Conferences, I had not had the privilege of hearing her do a full concert until a couple weeks ago, when she played a house concert with her friend Rose Polenzani. They played at Little Apple House Concerts, a great little series that has sprung up in North Minneapolis, hosted by the wonderfully capable and sweet Gillian. After a short set by one of my favorite Twin Cities musicians (and coincidentally Gillian's housemate) Brianna Lane, both Roses took over the front of the living room with some of the nicest singing I had heard in quite some time. They did the whole show together, swapping songs and singing on each other's songs with truly unearthly harmonies. The voices blended better than I ever could have imagined, making this a truly a standout show. Their humor and ease with each other and the audience showed, and everyone felt at home at this house concert. Highlights included Rose C's "Pale Love" and her tribute to Elvis "Heart in the Game." Rose P's "Lucy" and "You Were Drunk" and their cover of Magnetic Fields' "The Book of Love."

Although Rose Cousins' songs were the ones that most spoke to me, I was really impressed by Rose Polenzani's new material. It had been years since I had heard her, and I guess she's really been busy during that time, writing some of her best songs to date. Check out her new CD she did with Session's really stunning stuff. I think you can only pick it up at live shows so I guess you'll have to see her live to get it. Not a bad idea, as she is slated to play with some pretty great folks this summer, including the Indigo Girls.

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