Friday, October 3, 2008

Chris Thile Watch

As regular readers know, we do our best to keep tabs on Chris Thile here on the Sound of Blackbirds (see here and here), and as I mentioned in the last post, he'll be making a Moonshine Show appearance in the near future.

So we certainly would be remiss if we were not to point out this crazy combination concert at Le Poisson Rouge next Friday -- mandolin virtuoso Chris Thile and jazz pianist Brad Mehldau together! Wow! (If you need some Brad Mehldau exposure, check out these Radiohead covers on YouTube: "Exit Music (for a Film)" and "Paranoid Android".)

(100 percent of receipts from the concert go to some guy who is running for president apparently...)

(Alex Ross tipped me off.)


Ellen Stanley said...

Just got the new CD he did with Edgar Meyer but haven't gotten to a thorough listening of it yet...What do you think, Mr. Winters?

Matt Winters said...

Sadly, I don't have the CD yet! But I think it will be good once i hear it.