Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mountain Stage Newsong Northeast Regional Round

Dr. Kari Groff-Denis -- who appeared on the Moonshine Show with the Kings County Strings back in January of this year and who also put together a band for my birthday party in April -- has let us know that her song "Sad is Not Forever..." as performed by Kristin Andreassen and Jumping Through Hoops (a group that includes Chris Eldridge, Rob Hecht, Paul Kowert and Kari herself) is one of the competitors in Mountain Stage's Newsong Northeast Regional Round. There are some other cool songs in the running, too -- including one from my and Ellen's old friend Teddy Goldstein -- so check it out!

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Ellen Stanley said...

nice to see the oberlin alums doing so well--chris eldridge and jason myles goss, who was a northeast finalist in this year's mountain stage newsong contest!