Friday, December 12, 2008

Skyline at WKCR

Have I mentioned recently that we're doing a Tony Trischka career retrospective at WKCR? (It probably will air Valentine's Day weekend in February as part of our annual Country Music Festival, but we're still sorting out the details.)

On Wednesday, Tony and I cut an extensive interview, and then the other members of the band in which he played in the 1980s Skyline -- Larry Cohen (bass), Barry Mitterhoff (mandolin) and Danny Weiss (guitar) -- showed up, and we recorded several songs with the band playing in WKCR's Moo Aquarium. (Excellent recording engineering was provided by WKCR-FM American Music Director David Seidenberg and Business Manager Parker Fishel. And Ben Young provided some essential fine-tuning.)

While we were doing the recording, WKCR was playing the music of French composerOlivier Messiaen, as it was his 100th birth anniversary. (Much like WKCR played nothing but Elliott Carter yesterday on his 100th birthday -- unlike Messiaen, Carter is still alive and had a big birthday party.) Larry Cohen was particularly into the Messiaen and recalled seeing a concert where Messiaen and his second wife Yvonne Loriod played together on the organ.

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