Friday, July 17, 2009

Bluegrass in Nashville

Ben draws our attention to this article on bluegrass from the Washington Post.

I like the description of bluegrass that ends the first paragraph: "Americana's most underappreciated genre."

The author, Jedd Ferris, then goes on to describe the Ryman Auditorium and the Station Inn. Then he comes up with a place that I haven't heard of:

About 80 miles southeast of Music City, below the rolling green hills of central Tennessee, is Cumberland Caverns, the second-longest cave in the state, with nearly 30 miles of rocky underground terrain. Last year, Nashville advertising executive Todd Mayo took a family trip to the caverns and hit on an idea as he toured the vast chambers. He now hosts Bluegrass Underground, a series of monthly concerts that take place 333 feet below sea level in the caverns' Volcano Room.


"It's kind of like playing on the moon," Jere Cherryholmes said from the stage during a show by his chart-topping family band, Cherryholmes.
Whoa! How cool!

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