Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tim Robinson at the Postcrypt on April 8th

I've been talking about Tim Robinson writing and playing a tribute to Jack Hardy.

I've been talking about Tim Robinson playing at the Postcrypt.

And now it turns out that Tim Robinson will be playing at the Postcrypt next Friday night, 8 April. So put it down on your calendars, New Yorkers!

He'll be joined by Chris Fuller and a special guest. The last time I saw Tim play, it was with Jack and Chris Fuller at the Postcrypt: I described that night here.


Heather said...

Not surprisingly, it was an excellent night (though I regret to report that in addition to no candles, the Postcrypt also no longer has beer or popcorn). Tim, Chris, and Suzanne all played a great mix of songs, including some of Jack's songs, or songs of theirs that he liked or in which he featured. (I was really really pleased that Tim sang "The Hunter"). Frank Tedesso also came onstage for a poem and a song, and Ina May Wool sang harmony for a few of Tim's songs.

Matt Winters said...

Cool, Heather! So great that they all were there!