Thursday, August 4, 2011

Weezer and The Flaming Lips

Kudos to Ben Ratliff for the following awesome paragraph from his review of the integrated Weezer / Flaming Lips shows in the New York area last week:
Rivers Cuomo, the geeky major-domo of Weezer, has grown famous on twitchy, distorted power-pop with strong melodic lines. If his songs were people, they’d be around 16, smart, self-absorbed and a little nasty; they would not like the taste of beer. Wayne Coyne, the relaxed, glad-handing singer and songwriter of the Flaming Lips, writes spaced-out, psychedelic singalongs. His songs might be around 21, kind of looking for an internship and very interested in who they were at 5. They have just dropped acid and want to talk to you.

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