Friday, March 7, 2008

Special Interest Groups for Gorka

Despite what y'all might think, I am still alive and have not let the Minnesota winter get me down...I've been so busy working, performing and traveling that I have not had a moment to add my additions to Matt's February 9th post of John Gorka campaign slogans. Because many Americans are issues voters, I thought it was important to offer some Gorka-penned slogans that speak to a variety of special interest groups:

- Party Animals for Gorka: "I want to have a party tonight"
- Loners for Gorka: "I will always be lonely"
- New Jerseyans for Gorka: "I'm from New Jersey"
- Pessimists for Gorka: "I don't expect too much"
- Hank Williams Fans for Gorka: "I'm having a Hank Senior moment"
- Seniors for Gorka: "I'm having a Hank Senior moment"
- Coffee Drinkers for Gorka: "I pray to you St. Caffeine"
- Meteorologiests for Gorka: "There's a chance of rain today"
- Blue States for Gorka: "I'm in a bluer state"
- Mathematicians for Gorka: "There's addidtion and subtraction but division overall"
- Nature Boys for Gorka: "When I grow up I want to be a tree"
- Penny Pinchers for Gorka: "I see a penny and pick it up"
- Baseball Fans for Gorka: "I want to hear the crack of a baseball bat"

Okay that's probably enough for now...All I have to say is if Gorka got all these demographics to vote for him, he'd be our next President.


A Red Mind in a Blue State said...
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A Red Mind in a Blue State said...

For all of us born in 1958, "People my age..."