Sunday, June 1, 2008

Scenes from the Matt Winters' 10th Anniversary Party

A week ago today -- the Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend -- the East Village music club Banjo Jim's was gracious enough to host a concert in honor of my 10th anniversary as the host of The Moonshine Show on WKCR.

The line-up was as follows:

  • The Y'All Stars - Fran Leadon (guitar), Charles Puckette (guitar), Diane Stockwell (fiddle) and Nancy Polstein (snare drum) with Joe Choina (bass) and Peter Elegant (fiddle)

  • The Rockhouse Gamblers - Bill Christophersen (fiddle), Gil Sayre (guitar) and Aron Weinbach (mandolin) with Geoff Harden (bass)

  • Kenny Kosek (fiddle) with Gene Yellin (guitar)

  • Bill Christophersen (fiddle), Mark Farrell (mandolin) and Gene Yellin (guitar)

  • Danny Weiss (guitar) and Mary Olive Smith (guitar) with Jon Graboff (pedal steel), Kenny Kosek (fiddle) and Clarence Ferrari (fiddle)

The music was just amazing -- it was non-stop solid bluegrass and old-time action for over four hours. A good number of listeners and friends showed up to make for a truly wonderful evening.

My friend Ben Fishman did his best to document the evening, but he eventually ran out of room on my memory card -- apparently because of my fondness for the cats of Istanbul. Nonetheless, here are a few highlights:

Dan Shapiro fanning the flames on our sidewalk barbecue while my father and Ben look on. (I took this one.) New York's Finest later told us to shut down the barbecue.

Pete Elegant taking a solo during the Y'All Stars set.

Me soliciting money for the Y'All Stars.

Introducing the Rockhouse Gamblers.

Kenny Kosek outside of the venue.

Bill Christophersen, Mark Farrell and Gene Yellin singing some sweet bluegrass harmonies.