Monday, February 23, 2009

The EarRegulars at the Ear Inn

Last night, I caught a touch of jazz at the legendary Ear Inn on Spring Street. This bar is a classic cozy little joint in a historic landmark building. Well worth the trip whether there is music or not. (Trivia: The Ear Inn is the setting for Bob Hillman's terrific song "Valentine's Day" about one February 14th that he spent there with Jack Hardy and Suzanne Vega and maybe Tim Robinson, too. And then Jack Johnson showed up, allegedly non-plussed at Jack Hardy's witch's hat.)

Last night -- and I guess every Sunday night -- there was music. Guitarist Matt Munisteri (who I recently mentioned here) leads the band. He also was playing some jazz banjo last night. Munisteri was joined by Joel Forbes on bass, who is apparently a New Haven, Connecticut, native. Dennis Lichtman (who has appeared on the Moonshine Show with the band Astrograss) was playing mandolin and clarinet -- Dennis said it was his first time as an EarRegular. And then Andy Stein, who is part of the A Prairie Home Companion house band, was tearing things up on the jazz fiddle and baritone sax.

It was a great sound. I couldn't hear what Matt was saying between the songs, but when the band was playing, they filled the front room of the bar loudly and clearly.

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