Thursday, February 5, 2009

Falcon Ridge 2009

After the tornado back in July, there were a few doubts raised about whether there would be a Falcon Ridge Folk Festival this year or not. But an e-mail from Anne Saunders announcing the Winter Ticket Sale Blitz has just popped up in my inbox, and the show will go on:

Very few artists confirmed so far, Clayfoot Strutters and Wild Asparagus. As mentioned, very late start BUT thanks to this community, artists who gave back their fee, volunteers who refused their annual stipend & many of you who donated to our Tornado Relief Fund, we are definitely good to go.


Ellen Stanley said...

And they announced this year's sinners of the Emerging Artist Showcase!

- Lucy Wainwright Roche
- Abi Tapia
- Blue Moose & the Unbuttoned Zippers
- Amy Speace

Jess said...

They're sinners? ;)

Ellen Stanley said...

Ha! Of course I meant to type "winners"...but, I think the top sinners of Falcon Ridge would be a more interesting contest. :)