Friday, June 19, 2009

Edie Carey Now a Midwesterner

Ever since since Boston bred songwriter Edie Carey moved to Chicago, folks here in the Twin Cities have been seeing even more of her, which is good news for her many local fans. She did a killer show at Little Apple House Concerts in April and was back just a couple weeks ago, playing a show at St. Paul's favorite acoustic listening room Ginkgo Coffeehouse. It was a lovely evening of music and community (I finally met the famous Ann Marsden, the talented photographer behind many of Edie's press photos and various Red House projects!), and as always, Edie kept us laughing all night long, on and off stage.

- Lay It On Me
- Lost in the Valley*
- The Night
- Red Shoes
- Lonely*
- For Mary (lovely song she wrote by special request for a fan)
- Under a Sky

- Falling Slowly (I love Edie's cover of this)
- What Love Looks Like
- I Need You
- Silver Bullet (a new song I heard back in April--love it!)
- With Our Hands
- If I Start to Cry
- Without a Fight
- Another Kind of Fire*
- Violently

*Songs I sang with Edie.


Matt Winters said...

I hear that all of the cool people are moving to the Midwest, yes. To Illinois in particular.

Ellen Stanley said...

Indeed! What's your ETA?