Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What Ed Helms and Ellen Stanley Have in Common

So I was listening to NPR quiz show Wait, Wait...Don't Tell Me! last week, and comedian-actor Ed Helms was one of the guest contestants, and I learned that we have three important things in common.

1) Both Ed and I are missing a front tooth. Although we were born with all our baby teeth, we were congenitally missing one of our permanent ones. This means in his new movie The Hangover where he is missing a tooth, it is for real--no special effects needed.

2) We both went to Oberlin College.

And most relevant to Sound of Blackbirds readers...

3) We both play the banjo. Apparently while on the set for The Office, he spends his time reading banjo and bluegrass blogs. Hopefully this one will catch his attention!

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