Saturday, December 12, 2009

Lucy Wainwright Roche in Chicago

I'm live-blogging from Lucy's CD line. Really.

She just put on a great opening set here at the Old Town School of Folk Music - lots of laughter and a sing-a-long.

She opened with a quick ditty but then really opened up the show with Richard Shindell's 'Next Best Western.'

We sang along on Bruce Springsteen's 'Hungry Heart' - although Lucy had to tell us that we were not living up to the level of the early show to get us going. Lucy had a great story about being back stage at a festival watching Neko Case, having some guy bump into her accidentally, doing the double-take when she realized it was Bruce Springsteen and then being too shy to pass along the CD with 'Hungry Heart' on it.

'A&E' about a date that ends up in the emergency room and a really strong song about Chicago rounded out the set.

Over the Rhine is up next.

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3shells said...

LWR is great. I missed her show with the Nields here in the Valley a couple of months ago. Glad you got a chance to see her.