Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The New York Times Gets Snaptastic

In a recent Allan Kozinn piece, he really served up a couple of snap-burgers.

From the start of the story:
Lincoln Center is undertaking a grand renovation, with Alice Tully Hall as the first building to be refurbished. When the revamped hall opened in February, the priorities became clear: Now it has a beautiful public space (mostly a restaurant) and a rich new veneer. But what had been Lincoln Center’s most comfortable hall, and the least problematic acoustically (it had been a little dry), was transformed into a space that feels cramped and industrial, and has virtually no acoustical resonance.
And OK, maybe that's just factual. But dig what comes later:
Just before Lorin Maazel conducted Mahler’s Eighth Symphony to close his chapter of the New York Philharmonic’s history in June, he spoke briefly about his tenure in New York, saying that “seven years ago, seven years seemed like an eternity.” He could not have put it better: his seven years on the Philharmonic podium seemed like an eternity from this end too.
Boo-yah, Lorin Maazel! Watch out!

The actual article, by the way, describes a lot of cool collaborations going on in the contemporary classical world by folks like the awesome Alarm Will Sound.

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