Friday, May 7, 2010

Analog Wins But Does Not Defy Death

I learned a whole bunch from the New York Times obituary for Walter Sear.

First, all sorts of people have been recording at his all-analog studio on 48th Street in Manhattan: Norah Jones, Wynton Marsalis, Steely Dan, Wilco, Lou Reed, Joanna Newsom and Bjork among them.

Second, that Bono and the Edge from U2 are providing the music for a new Julie Taymor Spider-Man musical. (I totally have missed the boat on this one! From reading Edge's biography on the site, I even learned that he has written music for a Royal Shakespeare Company production of A Clockwork Orange. Crazy!)

Third, that Sonic Youth must not be raking in the dollars these days:
[Lee] Ranaldo said it has gotten harder and harder to book at Sear Sound. “We’re priced out of the place,” he said.

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