Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Storyhill/Mother Banjo MT Tour in Pictures

I still have yet to post my adventures from Day 4 of the Storyhill/Mother Banjo tour of Montana, but in the meanwhile, enjoy these photos from the road!

I arrived at the Bozeman airport around 10 am last Wednesday and enjoyed the wildlife statues in baggage claim, like these birds...

...and this bear!

My opening set at Yellowstone Brewery in Billings

Storyhill joined me on "Wide"

And Chris brought out his harp on "Revival Train"

Then Storyhill did a sweet set in front a large crowd of fans

And they got an enthusiastic encore!

Snowy view outside my window in Bozeman

Storyhill getting ready to do live performance at instrument shop Music Villa in Bozeman. You can check out their performance here.

Music Villa's impressive collection of Gibsons...

...and banjos!

Mural behind the counter at The Leaf and Bean in Bozeman, where Chris and Johnny played when they were younger.

Chris' sister Jennifer, Storyhill's agent Renee and me outside the historic Ellen Theatre in Bozeman

Catching up with KGLT DJ Paul Oliver during pre-show cocktail hour at the Ellen

Johnny soundchecks at the Ellen Theatre, singing Danny Schmidt's "Swing Me Down."

Renee, KGLT's Ron Craig and me doing some serious music industry work at Plonk, the hip bar down the street from the Ellen

On the road to Kalispell

Hilarious bathroom graffiti in Butte

The water in Flathead Lake was a beautiful green that day...

...and despite the cloud cover, we still got some nice views of the mountains.

Playing a sold-out show at the KM Theatre in Kalispell

Stopping for gas on the way to Missoula

Outside Missoula's legendary Top Hat, where Leon Redbone recently played!

I talked with singer/rapper Keegan Smith (who played a late show at the Top Hat), and it turns out he's a big banjo fan.

Promoter-musician extraordinaire John Floridis and my new friend Julie Walker, who handled our merch at the Top Hat.

With the boys after our final show together. What a blast we had!


Matt Winters said...

Love it all! Bears at the airport! Beautiful road photographs! Cocktails!

And "Clap for Bacon"!!! Yes!!!

Jess said...

I know that gas station. And that theater. And that guy. Makes me feel kinda warm and fuzzy.