Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Countertenors vs. Jay Leno

In an article about the singing group Chanticleer, Chloe Veltman reported this little dust-up from the end of last year:
A few days after Jay Leno had seen the all-male a cappella ensemble Chanticleer singing Christmas songs on the “Today” show [sic] last December, he poked fun at it during the monologue on his own show. After asking his audience if it had ever heard of the group (a voice offstage answered no), Mr. Leno showed a clip of group members singing, and then cut to a shot of himself in white tie, holding a score and singing in falsetto.

Within a few days the group had created a tongue-in-cheek vocal tribute to Mr. Leno, which it posted on YouTube.
The video can be found here.

What is really shocking to me about the whole thing actually is how few people watched the video after the New York Times story. Veltman reports, "The video has received almost 18,000 views to date." Well, it's four days later, and the tally is at ... 18,269.

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