Saturday, June 5, 2010

Mountain Stage: Folk Families Editions

Mountain Stage this past week has been putting together brief shows of recordings featuring related (or formerly related) people who maybe would not necessarily appear on stage together today.

So for instance, you can hear Loudon Wainwright III with Lucy Wainwright Roche, followed by Lucy's mother Suzzy Roche singing as one-third of the Roches, followed by Loudon's other daughter Martha Wainwright, followed by Martha's mother Kare McGarrigle singing with her sister Anna. (Did you get all that?)

Or you can hear Richard Thomspon, followed by his son Teddy singing with his mother Linda and then some solo Teddy. That's slightly less convoluted, but to label the show "The Thomspon Family" makes this blogger raise his eyebrow just a bit.

Note in "Dimming of the Day," the lyrical switch that Linda makes.

In the original version of the song from Pour Down Like Silver, the lyrics are

What days have come to keep us far apart?
A broken promise or a broken heart?

In this performance, Linda sings instead

What days have come to keep us far apart?
A broken promise and my broken heart?

Whoa! First time I've heard that. Does anyone know if that's how she commonly sings the verse?

(For more on Lucy Wainwright Roche's awesomeness, see here. For more on Richard and Linda Thompson, see here.)

(HT: Beth Popp.)

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