Saturday, September 18, 2010

Danny Schmidt at 318 Cafe

Several weeks back, I went to the 318 Cafe to see Austin artist Danny Schmidt play. (Sound of Blackbirds readers might remember I blogged about a show I did with him in 2009 at this same venue.) One of my favorite listening rooms in the Twin Cities metro, the 318 is a bit of a haul from Minneapolis but totally worth it. And although I play there a lot, I don't go out there often enough to hear music. But the promise of hearing a whole evening of Danny's new songs provided quite the incentive. I enjoyed a lovely evening with friends and ate a delicious meal accompanied by nice wine and incredible music.

Following a brief opening set by local Zachary Scot Johnson, Danny played a full two sets. He played a bunch of songs from his upcoming album Man of Many Moons, his second on Red House Records. Here were the highlights of the evening:

- Better Off Broke
- This Too Shall Pass
- Houses Sing*
- Man of Many Moons*
- Guilty By Association Blues*
- Stained Glass
- Southland Street
- Beggars and Mules
- Stained Glass (don't know how many times I've heard this song but it gets me every time)
- Company of Friends (this one too...damn Danny's great songwriting!)

*coming out on the new album

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