Saturday, September 18, 2010

Becky Schelgel & Brian Fessler Back in MN

Photo by Elli Rader.

Last night I drove out to St. Paul suburb Maplewood to hear folk/country singer-songwriter Becky Schlegel and banjo player/guitarist Brian Fesler play at the Performing Arts Center. Now in Nashville full-time, they returned to their old stomping grounds in fine form, putting on a lovely 2-set concert. There were a lot of old fans and friends in the audience, including some of Becky's old nursing colleagues from Hennepin County Medical Center. No doubt happy to see her old friends, Becky was more chatty than normal, playing special requests for people. Despite the warm vibe in the room, the audience was extremely quiet--maybe partially due to the slower songs they played in the first set. The second set had a little more energy to it...and a lot more banjo! They were celebrating the release of their new album Dandelion (charting at #1 on the Roots Country Chart) so they played a lot of new songs as well as old favorites. Here are the highlights from the show:

- So Embarrassing
- Red Leaf (probably my favorite autumn song of all time)
- I Never Needed You (the first song that caused Brian to break out his banjo, much to the delight of me and my friend Elli)
- Anna (about her grandmother)
- Underneath the Influence of Merle (a new song, paying tribute to Merle Haggard)
- Cheyenne (a song I requested!)
- No Angel
- Alabama Sun
- Drifter Like Me (a request)
- California Night (a song they played for the banjo fans--whoo!)
- Early (her great cover of the Greg Brown tune)
- Don't Cheat In Our Hometown (Stanley Brothers cover--very nice!)

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