Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Music for People Who Don't Like Music

That's Peter Matthews' description of the Dave Matthews Band:

I'd never seen the Dave Matthews Band before their sold-out show last night at Madison Square Garden, and on paper, it looked promising: electric violinist, brass section, high-energy lead singer. But, the music...just...didn't...go...anywhere. I guess this is what you'd call: music for people who don't like music. Nice stage show, though.


Nick Toloudis said...

This made me laugh. I completely identify with this take on the DMB...although I actually prefer the instrumental stuff to what happens when DM opens his mouth to do what passes for singing.

Unknown said...

That's why they attract frat boys like my brother (who was at the show) and 13-year-old girls like Sarah Foster's niece (who went to the one in NC days later). If you took a look at who the audience was you might conclude that the music's no great shakes before you even took a listen! :)