Wednesday, November 25, 2009

New Cello Grooves

Driving around Connecticut with my father yesterday, he put the November/December Dirty Linen Sampler CD into the stereo. The opening track is "Full Moon, Baby" by Putnam Smith, a Maine-based banjo-playing singer-songwriter. It opens with some solid cello riffs, and so I said, "Rushad Eggleston!"

Well, no, as it turns out.

The cellist in question in Seth Yentes, a former chess champion, current chess coach and one-time candidate for the Maine House of Representatives. (He lists his address as Monroe, Maine, the hometown of my friend Kate Grossman, former WKCR-FM Classical Music Director. Kate reports having been his babysitter! No way!)

I'm now giving my first listen to all of Putnam Smith's disc, and Seth Yentes lays down some solid groove on a couple of the tracks.

Here's a sample of Putnam and Seth together:

(Photo from Ctd 2005.)

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