Sunday, November 29, 2009

Put Your Hand Inside the Puppet Head

Alex Battles shared this video on Facebook, and that compels me to share it here.

What a classic! Great New York City shots. John and John being beautifully dorky as they bounce around. Lots of tread with fairly simple production techniques. Bravo, They Might Be Giants!

They played a free show at the Mohegan Sun casino in Connecticut on Friday night, which I skipped in favor of seeing Washboard Slim and The Blue Lights at the New Haven Brewery (and by "seeing," I mean standing in the back of the brewery getting a good buzz on while talking to the Piselli brothers and assorted hangers-on).

But it looks like it will be another They Might Be Giants New Year's Eve -- the last one was December 31, 2005, I think, in Brooklyn -- as we're going to go see them in Northampton, Massachusetts.

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Nick Toloudis said...

And, if I'm not mistaken, the opening act for the New Years' Eve show in NoHo will be the legendary Peter Stampfel! That should be a fabulous evening of music.