Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Larry Kirwan on Pub Culture

Two hat-tips in a row to Ben! He points out that this article on Irish pub culture cites noted Irish pub expert Larry Kirwan, the lead singer and songwriter for Black 47. (See my review of last year's St. Patrick's Day show here.)

In pubs like Mary’s, Mr. Kirwan said, “there’s almost a Talmudic sense of rules and conventions to be observed.” Chief among them is not getting overly plastered.

“Nobody wants drunks in Irish pubs because they’re boring,” he said, “and the last thing you want to be called is boring.”

Instead, traditional pubs foster warmth and fraternity.

“For the couple of hours that you’re in there,” Mr. Kirwan said, “you mesh with this community and your personal troubles are shed.”

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