Friday, March 20, 2009

Two Man Music in Northampton

Sarah and I are on our way up to Northampton tomorrow to celebrate Sandro's 30th birthday, but it sounds like we missed a good one a week ago today at the Iron Horse. Luckily, Nick has posted a nice review of last Friday's Two Man Gentlemen Band show on his blog.

Some highlights:

In between songs, the rapport between the two consisted of quietly homoerotic gestures by way of Mr. Bean, who would reach out and stroke The Councilman's bass and touch his fingers, as he spoke affectionately of his bandmate and their life on the road together. The Councilman responded by looking nervous. The 2G were dressed in lovely suits and hats, and The Council wore a spiffy bowtie.


Andy played lead kazoo and The Councilman played back-up kazoo ("tenor kazoo," he protested, when Andy Bean introduced him, prompting him to make the correction).

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