Thursday, April 23, 2009

More Fawning Over the Young Folksinging Set

Allan alerts us to the fact that the Bwog has alerted us all to the fact that Anthony Da Costa apparently will be a Columbia College student starting in the fall.

The entire Bwog post reads:
Spotted: Anthony Da Costa-–the most electrifying thing to happen to acoustic guitar since actual electric guitars-–at the Days on Campus activities fair, currently in Roone.

Says he's definitely headed to Columbia in the fall, and has his sights set on living in John Jay. (Ladies, take note.) Plus: he's walking around with his mom–be still our hearts!
Some of the comments so far read:
I don't get it... Does Jim Downie have a man crush on this dude or what's the deal? Bwog is crazy about this fella to a degree that's getting weird.


bwog you have a tendency to latch on to a particular freshman or 2 from each entering class and it makes a decent fraction of the rest of campus resent them (a la Stephan). Don't do it - it isn't fair to them, or us.


What about all those dreamy guys that already go here and build a race car from scratch every year? They may always have black fingernails, but they are dreamboats nonetheless.

Piece of advice to Anthony: if you want to follow in Matt Winters' footsteps, it all started in 1003 John Jay, baby.

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