Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Remembering Citizen Kafka

Richard Shulberg -- aka Citizen Kafka -- passed away back on March 14th. We paid brief tribute to him on The Moonshine Show the following day, and Kenny Kosek and Tony Trischka shared some memories during the Tony Trishcka segment of the Country Festival.

Kenny, Ed Haber and John Goodman -- who with the Citizen had been the creative team behind the Citizen Kafka Radio Show -- paid lengthy tribute to the Citizen on WBAI, and I've been listening to that show, which is full of archival recordings, on Eli Smith's Down Home Radio Show web site. The show, which can be found here, is definitely worth checking out: all of the madcap antics for which these guys were and are known are on display -- if you like sarcastic, almost-overbearing, New York humor, these guys had it down.

On May 9th, there will be a Wretched Refuse tribute to the Citizen at Jalopy. They're doing two shows and requiring reservations.

Update: Someone with their Google Alerts turned on writes the following in the comments: "WFMU's 3-hour CK tribute is archived at:"

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WFMU's 3-hour CK tribute is archived at: