Thursday, January 22, 2009

New Nous Non Plus CD and CD Release Parties

Once upon a time, there was a faux French band in New York called Les Sans Culottes. Then there was a little bit of a faux French band scuffle (described brilliantly here by faux French bass player Dan Crane). The result? New York now has two faux French bands. The one with which Sound of Blackbirds´ loyalties lie is called Nous Non Plus.

Faux French guitarist Jeremy Parzen has alerted the faux French loving world that Nous Non Plus has a new CD coming out called Mènagerie.

In addition, there will be CD release parties by the faux French for the real French in Paris and Lyon and then in New York at the Mercury Lounge on February 9th.

(I would have included an image of the album´s cover in this post, but the public terminal here at the Hotel Pasado San Javier in Taxco, Mexico, has vetoed that idea.)

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Do Bianchi said...

Matt, thanks for spreading the word. I've actually been to Taxco... many many moons ago! hope to see y'all at the show in NYC... in the meantime, travel safe!