Sunday, January 18, 2009


Here is the latest news from the Punch Brothers website:

p-Bingo Night is Punch Brothers’ creative process (made slightly more entertaining, hopefully) on display at the Living Room every Thursday night that they aren’t collectively elsewhere. In addition to other delights, you can expect to find the Brothers trying out new material, improving existing material, and appropriating material that they wish was theirs, i.e. Radiohead, Bach, D’Angelo, James King, etc., right in front of your very eyes… or ears, rather, though music is generally better seen than heard. Also, there will be Special Guests, the coattails of whom the Brothers will surely ride to fame and fortune! Please note: little to no bingo will be played.

Sounds pretty cool, huh?

Particularly, as far as I'm concerned, the James King part.

James King is one of the best bluegrass singers out there. He's a terrific performer who doesn't seem to make it to the Northeast often enough. I highly recommend his The Bluegrass Storyteller CD. (And yes, Tom T. Hall did approve that nickname.) That said, he is more of a singer than a songwriter, so I'm not sure exactly what the lads have in mind, but I'm willing to roll with it for a bit. (Or maybe they are referring to a completely different James King...)

Anyway, the Punch Brothers (as I have detailed here) are some pretty creative and inventive musicians, and this open workshop format should be a lot of fun.

(Hat tip to Sandy Jenkins.)

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